Who We Are...

My Gym Rewards™ Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated technology company. The entire team at My Gym Rewards™ is 100% committed to helping gym and fitness studio operators increase their member loyalty and engagement via our unique global rewards platform.

We often ask our clients, ‘what is the best way you can improve your business?’

It's not the latest workouts or cardio equipment. The answer lies in achieving higher levels of member engagement, experience and connection. This builds great culture.

An engaging experience for your members results in higher member referral rates and member satisfaction. It eases the pressure of constant new member acquisition, drives loyalty, and improves member retention.

Our Mission at My Gym Rewards™ HQ…

To assist 10,000 gym and fitness studio owners in putting the member at the center of their specific fitness business, by providing a Rewards Program that deepens the relationship with that brand. To encourage facility operators to go beyond a transactional relationship and provide more value that drives stronger personal connection, engagement and ultimately club loyalty. Our mission is powered by our rewards and member loyalty app, My Gym Rewards™.

Frank Smarrelli, Founder and CEO

What is the My Gym Rewards™
App & How Does it Work?

The My Gym Rewards™ app is an all-in-one rewards, member loyalty and referral program. The principal participants in the rewards program are gym and fitness studio members.

Members of a fitness facility can easily download the My Gym Rewards™ app for free. This app allows the member upon entry to your facility to scan their QR code directly into a mobile device like an iPad that is supplied by the fitness facility owner or operator.

Upon scanning the QR code (check-in) the member is awarded My Gym Points™. The more points a member receives via club check-ins the more services and items (rewards) they can redeem within that specific club or fitness studio.

Members can also receive further Gym Points™ by performing activities like Google reviews, Social Media reviews, participating in challenges, as well as referring their family and friends to the facility.

Members can view all their Gym Points™ via the My Gym Rewards™ app. They can also see the facility’s Redeemable Reward List items.

My Gym Rewards™ Features

By using the My Gym Rewards™ system within your gym or fitness studio you immediately have a point-of-difference that your competition
may not.

The app allows you to improve your Member Experience (MX) and deepen the relationship you have with new and existing members.

In 2023 getting a new member in the front door of your fitness facility is expensive. So, once you have them you need to keep them coming back, this is the essence of Member Retention.

The My Gym Rewards™ app and admin dashboard is a turn-key rewards, referral and member loyalty program, created specifically for the global fitness industry.

Some of the key features include:
  • Create a redeemable member rewards list from the admin dashboard in minutes.
  • Flexible and user friendly dashboard that allows you to customize your loyalty program.
  • Align your club rewards with different Gym Points™ amounts.
  • Use accelerator points to incentivize member behavior.
  • Send quick and easy Push Notifications to members like birthdays, in-club specials, upcoming challenges and how to earn more Gym Points™.
  • Unlock live data like who are your highest usage members, who is participating in club activities and who are your best referring members.

The 12 Key Benefits of Using
My Gym Rewards™

  • Improves member retention.
  • Increases member lifetime value and repeat business.
  • Boosts revenue through an increase in referrals and members staying longer.
  • Builds stronger member relationships.
  • Differentiates a brand from its competitors.
  • Encourages word-of-mouth marketing (referrals).
  • Shows member appreciation.
  • Drives member satisfaction and community.
  • Keeps members sticky to your specific facility with compelling redeemable rewards.
  • Increase connectivity between your brand and the member.
  • Gives members discounts and perks to local community brands and stores, e.g. cafés, restaurants, local trade services, hair salons, allied health, clothing and footwear retailers etc.
  • Gives members exclusive discounts and perks to dozens of national and international brands (coming soon).

The Top 6 Reward &
Loyalty Program Statistics


75% of members base purchasing decisions on their experience, according to the 2022 Customer Experience Trends Report.


A 5% increase in member retention directly correlates with a 25% increase in business profit.


Loyalty program memberships in the U.S and Australia grew at a rate of 26.7% from 2012 to 2022 (Accenture).


71% of consumers in the US and Australia say loyalty programs are a meaningful part of their brand relationships.


95% of global consumers want to engage with their loyalty program using convenient technology like apps and smart devices.


84% of global consumers are more likely to stick with a brand that offers a loyalty Program (Queue).

Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors & Keep Your Existing Members Engaged Through Technology!

Returning members are the key revenue drivers for your gym or fitness studio. On top of this, loyal members tend to refer more and over time become brand advocates.

The global fitness industry is going through a huge over correction at the moment, with dozens of gyms and fitness studios closing every month. The reality is far too many facilities are not generating enough leads, BUT they’re also losing far too many members through cancelled memberships.

Fundamentally, these members are simply not feeling engaged or connected with the facility. If a member signs up to your gym or fitness studio and there is a lack of engagement, then that member is much more likely to cancel compared to a member that is feeling connected. It really is that simple!

As a gym or fitness studio owner, engagement with your members needs to be a huge priority. Member engagement is the lasting interaction between a service provider (you) and the consumer (member) that results in a positive member retention rate.

Consistent member engagement via a member loyalty and rewards program strengthens the existing relationship and increases retention by 72%. This differentiates yourself from your competitors and creates a more profitable business.

Marketing Brings in Leads;
Engagement, Connectivity & Loyalty
Create Long Term Members!

It’s seven (7) times cheaper to keep an existing member than to acquire a new lead that converts into a member. Additionally, existing members spend up to 31% more than new members, BUT the real revenue comes from members simply staying longer.

Members secretly love to be recognized and acknowledged. Taking care of your members and providing an engaging experience for them is the foundation of loyalty and retention.

Blow Your Direct Competition Away With Your Local Retail Loyalty Partnership Program

Strongly increase your member retention and club loyalty via your local retail Loyalty Partnership Program.

Use the My Gym Rewards™ user friendly Digital Discount Card Creator to generate discount cards based on local strategic retail partnerships you may already have with your club (or will create in the future). Some examples may include local cafes, restaurants, sports stores, supplements stores as well as hair salons, allied health professionals, clothing stores, and just about any other type of retail store in your local area.

Once the loyalty partnership program (offer) is established with a local retailer, you can easily create a digital discount loyalty card via the My Gym Rewards™ backend dashboard.You can then publish this digital card directly onto the My Gym Rewards™ App, under the Retail Discount Wallet tab.

Your active members are then able to receive certain perks and discounts from your local retailers via the My Gym Rewards™ loyalty partnership program.

Member’s Rewards Club

Our Collaboration Partners

Coming Soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not have a set-up fee and no other costs are associated with My Gym Rewards™ apart from the monthly subscription.

The My Gym Rewards™ backend portal/software is very easy to navigate. The whole system is very user friendly and our support team is world class.

Yes the App is and will always be 100% free for your members. The My Gym Rewards™ App can be downloaded from either the App Store or Google Play.

When you subscribe to My Gym Rewards™ our team will organize two separate onboarding calls with you via zoom. We cover the entire backend dashboard and its functions within these calls. We also have our support team work from 8am to 10pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm on Saturdays.

We use advanced security protocols to protect all data. We ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations, regularly update security measures, and conduct ‘daily’ audits to safeguard member information against unauthorized access or breaches.

Each individual ‘total member points earned’ is backed-up every single day, both on our server and back-up server.

The My Gym Rewards™ subscription has no minimum term and you can cancel at any time.

Absolutely! Our software is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor your member rewards, points etc to your brand and your overall member loyalty intentions.

No Lock-in Contracts

My Gym Rewards™ has a no risk subscription as you can cancel at anytime you wish if the software doesn’t meet your retention needs.

Flexible & Customizable

Easily set up and customize your member loyalty program with the My Gym Rewards™ backend software dashboard.

Full Customer Support

At My Gym Rewards™ we like to look at our users as a true extension of our organizational family. We have a support team that is ready to help you at anytime.

Bonus Access to The RetentionFirstAcademy™ Portal


My Gym Rewards™ - Introductory Offer

Increase Your Member Loyalty, Retention & Engagement


AUD/Per Week (Billed Monthly)

Under 500 Members.


AUD/Per Week (Billed Monthly)

501-1499 Members.


AUD/Per Week (Billed Monthly)

1500+ Members.

The Liver Foundation

Our Meaningful Charitable Cause

My Gym Rewards™ is proud to announce that it has partnered with the Liver Foundation. Liver disease now affects one in three Australian adults. The Liver Foundation is Australia’s peak national body focused on improving outcomes for all people living with liver disease – whatever their age or background.

Through education, support and advocacy, we can minimise the real impact liver disease has on the individuals suffering from it, and the affect it also has on their family’s and loved ones.

Donations and support are the key to further research and to strive for a world free of liver disease. My Gym Rewards™ will donate $1 per user, per month directly to the Liver Foundation. Our goal at My Gym Rewards™ HQ is to be able to donate $10,000 per month.